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    How To Fill Up Your Calendar With Gigs Every Week

    Booking gigs is a huge part of being a musician. Gigging frequently is the best way to build an audience. Keeping a jam packed schedule can be tough as an independent musician. You want to draw people out to every show and you have to do all of the promoting and marketing. Keeping the momentum going is the hard part. So how can you fill up your calendar with gigs every week? We will help you figure that out.

    Do some research. Learn the venues in as many places as you can. Start with your own town and branch out. Look up bands that are similar to you and see where they are playing. Look into venues that are also known for the style of music that you play. This will be your best bet into scoring a gig. Every time you hear about a new venue, look into it and see if it is something that would work for your band.

    Networking with other bands is a great way to be able to play a show every week. Knowing who to play with is just as important as where to play. Try reaching out to bands on social media and see if they need someone to open for them at one of their local shows. It will be a great way to reach new fans. Once you make a good home town list, reach out a little further to get your music as many places as possible.

    Start booking early. The early you start looking to book shows, the better it will be for you. You will have more flexibility to get a gig with a venue if you are booking in advance. You will be surprised at how quickly their schedule can fill up, so make sure you get yourself out there to them.

    Playing shows in your home town area is great, but you will only bring out so many people after a while. Start looking at towns a little further away or the nearest major city to your area. You will have more of a chance bringing new people out to these shows.

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