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    How To Find Creativity When You’re In A Rut

    Even those most creative people will fall into a rut with their creativity level. It’s not always easy to turn out amazing songs time and time again. It’s not always easy to write when someone tells you to sit down or write, or even if you decided that you are going to sit down and write a song. So how can you find creativity when you’re in a rut? We just might have what you’re looking for.

    If you’ve been stuck in the studio or locked in your apartment trying to come up with the perfect piece, it might just be the perfect opportunity to get away and travel a bit. Sometimes changing your scenery will inspire you and awaken you. We understand that you probably won’t be able to fly across country somewhere, but take a drive to somewhere that will connect you again to that creative level that you’re used to be on. Sometimes just going for a hike out in the woods is all you need.

    Take some time and watch some movies. We find that we get inspired when we watch videos about the legends before us. It almost reminds us of why we have so much passion for what we do. It’s kind of like when you go see your favorite band perform live. You come back with so many ideas in your head, you don’t even know what to do with them.

    Take a little break to spend some time with family and friends. Sometimes doing mindless things will allow you to fill your mind with all the creativity you can handle. It’s important to recharge with people that truly care about you and that you enjoy their company.

    Believe it or not, exercise is a big help. It actually releases all of those happy feelings in your brain. It just might do the trick to get you going again (and you’ll have a rockin’ stage body)


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