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    How To Follow Up Correctly With Your Business Contacts

    It’s great that you’re getting out there, networking and collecting a whole bunch of business cards, e-mail address and phone numbers. So now that you have all of this useful information, how should correctly follow up with these people in the music industry?

    You should¬† ask when they intend to review your packet so you can make another appointment to follow up and get his or her comments, or perhaps begin negotiations. Make the appointment for the third follow-up call for no more than two weeks into the future unless they suggest something else. If it’s very far off, get that person to schedule an earlier date. If they’re unsure of a time by which they will have reviewed the material, suggest a time approximately two weeks out when you will call back to check on their progress. Your contact is alerted to the fact you’ll be checking back, so that when you do call, it won’t seem too soon or feel like you are hounding them.

    If you don’t follow up on promotional packets that you mailed or emailed, you could be wasting lots of money. Promoters, reviewers, editors, agents, and labels all receive many thousands of packets each week. They get piled in corners of back rooms and often remain unopened. If you want yours to move to the top of the pile and get reviewed, you need to check on its arrival, and subsequently, its status. Your follow-up can make that happen. It jars your contact into action eventually. I have heard such sad stories of artists who sent packets to labels, and they haven’t heard back from the label.

    Just like with anything else, if you want to stand out, you need to follow up to keep the first impression going. This will also so them that you are serious about your band and your music. The music industry isn’t going to run to you. You need to keep yourself in the front of their mind so you stay fresh and relevant.


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