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    How To Get More Done As A Band

    We understand that when you are running your own band you have countless things that you need to do all of the time in order to work towards great success. You are wearing every hat in the music industry while still trying to write songs and play shows. We have a few suggestions that will help you get more done as a band.

    Odds are, if you’re sitting a room with your band mates you already know who is the band “leader”. We aren’t saying this is the person that gets all of the attention, but the person that seems to have most of the business end under their control. If you have no idea, you need to pick someone to almost be “the boss” of the group and decide on rolls with each person. It makes it a lot easier if every one knows their roll. Now you can spread your work out more evenly.

    When it comes to decision making, it’s best to  have a set of ideals and have one person (usually your leader) make them based on previous discussions. Have a band meeting to talk about what you want, what you’re expecting and what you plan to do to get there.

    If you want to be serious, create a band contract. This will simply state what everyone is responsible for that way there is no confusion and every one knows what the other person is responsible for.  Think of at your job, when you get hired and they give you a job description. You sign your contract with your employer and those are the tasks that you are expecting to complete in order to keep your job. It’s the same thing here. Everyone needs to pull their own weight until you are at the point of hiring people to do this for you.


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