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    How to get Rid Of Anxiety On and Off Stage

    We get it. You’re about to get on stage and pour your soul out to a crowd of people that only truly know you through your music. Some friends and family will be there, but for the most part, you are standing with your heart exposed in front of a room full of people you barely know. Most people have trouble with public speaking. It is one of the greatest recorded fears. We have some ideas to help you get rid of your anxiety on and off the stage so you can take control of your rock star life.

    We all know the difference between your nerves being a little fried and you getting ready to go into full blown panic mode. One of the best ways that we have learned is breathing. Yeah, yeah, we know. Everyone says this, but it truly works. One of the best methods that we have found was to inhale for 4 seconds, hold it in for 8 seconds and exhale for 7 seconds. What you’re doing is actually letting your body know that you are ok and that YOU are in control of the situation. It’s almost a reset button to your panic. So close your eyes and give it a try. Normally this method will only take a few tries.

    Another great way to get rid of your anxiety is to trick your brain. If you feel yourself going into panic mode, try smiling. It tricks your body into releasing serotonin which will help reduce the stress that you are feeling.

    Another great way to help relieve your stress is to exercise on a daily basis and try drinking some soothing tea. If you teach yourself to be calm when you’re not in a stressful music setting, it will help you deal with the anxiety when it slowly starts creeping up while you’re unloading your equipment into the venue you are playing at.

    Remember to keep calm and play on 🙂 You’ll be fine!

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