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    How To Get The Attention Of Your Listeners At A Show

    When we are up on stage you want to be able to hold the attention of everyone in the room. As we all know, that isn’t always the case and it can be frustrating. So how can we keep the attention of your listeners at your next show, even during your slower songs? It’s not surprise that going out to see a show is no more than a social event. People will be talking and on their phones, but there is away to pull your crowd back in.

    If you find that your audience is talking while you’re playing, use this opportunity to interact with the crowd. Tell them a story, let them know what you wrote the song about, anything. Just engage them in your conversation. This will get their attention back on you which is what you want. You are no longer background noise, but keeping them a part of your show. The same thing goes when people are too busy looking at their phones. Even though they may be listening to you, their eyes are elsewhere and you’re tired of looking at the top of heads. This is when you should maybe act out a bit to get their attention or start switch up your set list to play your more popular songs. Bring their eyes back to you!

    You know that awkward moment when you finish a song and there is a pause between the last note and the clapping from the crowd? We do it. This is where you need to pay attention to your surroundings. Maybe this venue isn’t the place for you if you didn’t do your job to promote the show well enough to get in your own crowd.

    To avoid seeing people yawn or walk out (especially at a new venue) try to mix it up with a great cover song! If you are new to the venue or area, this will break up the original music that they don’t know and catch their attention by giving them something they do know! Rock it out like you own! It will keep everyone happy.



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