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    How To Get The Most Out Of A Low Turn Out Gig

    We have all played shows where we didn’t quite get the turnout we were hoping for. A lot less people showed up and you were left playing this awesome set to only a few lonely souls that came out to your show that night. So, how can you get the most out of a low turn out gig? There is an upside to everything and we are going to shine some positive light on your sad turnout situation.

    The people that did come out to see you really have the opportunity to get up close and personal with you. Take advantage of this situation to really interact with the crowd and involve your fans. In between songs, chat a bit with your fans. Thank them for coming out. Almost throw out your set list and ask them to call out the next song you’re going to play.

    If you have new songs that you were waiting for the right moment to play, now is the time. See how this small group of people react to the song. Truly watch their reaction while you’re playing and determine what you can change in the song (if anything) that will maybe get them more into it. If you see everyone start to talk or use the bathroom, it might be time to start from scratch with that song. Use the time as almost an open mic of testing out new material.

    Even though it’s a small crowd, play that show like you’re playing to a sold out Madison Square Garden. Sometimes smaller shows are just as fun! Not as many people are watching, so go crazy! Try out your new stage moves!

    Hangout at the end of the show. There will be less people crowding you, so you can really give your fans the one on one attention that they really want after you’re done playing 🙂 You’ll be glad you did. It might just turn some fans into super fans once you give them a sweaty hug!

    You can make the most out of every situation. So take advantage of the opportunities like this. It will only make you better for your next show!

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