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    How To Get Your Music Featured On Blogs

    The more exposure your music can get, the better it will be for you. With papers becoming a thing of the past or with the limited reach, blogs are the best way to go to gain international exposure. You can also share the blog on your social media site and have people from all over the world share it causing thousands of people to view it at one time. How do you get your music featured on blogs? We have a few tips that just might help you and your band out!

    Start doing your research. Pick a blog that you want to get featured on and see which writer covers your style of music. Find them on Twitter and Facebook so you can follow them. Read past articles that they have published. Search for their own personal e-mail address on the blog site. It will go a lot farther than sending it to info@autumncitymusic.com. When you do reach out to this writer, let them know that you have been following their work for a while and why you like their style. Include a past article that you enjoyed if you feel the need to do so to open up more lines of communications.

    Try to be as exclusive as you can. You read it here first!! Bloggers like to be the ones that release a first out there. Offer them something that they can use on their own in their own blogs. Every musician can tell the same story, but coming up with something that you are getting ready to do and offering it to one blog can make a huge impact and get you a little bit of attention.

    When you are trying to get a blogger to write about you, make sure you can tell them why they are writing something. Are you recording a new CD, did you just release a single, did you get a spot opening for a huge band coming through town? Think about what you want the main focus of the article to be on and the blogger will take it from there to come up with some questions or a review on whatever it is that you’re doing.

    Be creative and try and stand out from the crowd all while being professional. Yes, it is a huge juggling act, but it’s what needs to be done in order to ensure success for you and your band. Sorry to tell you, the music industry is one of the most difficult to make it in. Do yourself a favor by staying educated. We look forward to reading about you in your next blog!

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