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    How To Get Your Music In TV And Films

    The thought of hearing your song play in a TV show or during a movie can be mind blowing. We all want to believe that we wrote that one hit song that could actually make that dream a reality. Getting your music into the big time TV shows and on the big screen can launch your career into a level that even you didn’t imagine. So, how does all of that happen? How can you be the next great song to hit the silver screen?

    You need to start look into actual projects that are looking for your style of music. It makes it easier for you to go with something you know than to try to write something that is out of your comfort zone just to get it in a movie. You don’t want to feel like you are forcing a song out of you. You can look for new projects on Reverbnation, The Hollywood Reporter, Taxi, BMI and ASCAP websites for the most up to date opportunities.

    You can also take to doing your own homework. The next time that you are watching a show or a movie, read the credits and look for who the music supervisor of the project is. That is the person that you want to find contact information for so you can send you music to them. They will be the one in charge of deciding what music will be used. They are the ones, that if they decide to use your music, will be negotiating your contracts.

    Before you even send your music out to these people, make sure that you own all of the rights to your music, or you have signed contracts dividing up who owns what parts of your music. A music supervisor will not want to wait for your paper work to go through or your pending copyrights. They are on a schedule and if your music falls through due to lack of legal paperwork, you just missed out on a great opportunity and your lack of professionalism will more than likely have them pass over you the next time a project comes around.

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