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    How To Go On Tour And Still Keep Your Day Job

    It’s every musician’s dream to go on tour. Like most responsible adults, we are still concerned about being able to pay our bills as well. That is why must of us still work a day job that allows us to gig at night and on the weekends. But it is possible to go on tour and still keep your day job. We have a few ideas that might help you out.

    You have to look for a little less “traditional” day jobs. Graphic design is a great job to have especially if you can get a lot of freelance work. The upside to this, is that you won’t have to pay other people to design you merch, album cover or anything else that you would need graphics for. Plus, all you have to do is bring your laptop on the road and you can work while traveling to different cities. It is a win, win!

    Becoming a dog walker or a pet sitter is a great job, because it usually pays pretty well, and you can make your own schedule as far as when you decide to work. If you need a week off, you just tell your client, you’re unavailable and pick up the week after.

    Working in a local coffee shop or bar gives you a little more flexibility with the owner when it comes to your schedule. Since they aren’t dealing with a franchise, they are able to move people around a little easier and with less guidelines from the higher ups. Obviously, when you’re home you want to put in has many hours and whatever shifts you can as good faith, but it’s a good job to have to pay your bills before you hit the road each time.

    Hello, be a music teacher! Who wouldn’t love to say their music teacher is in a band that is on tour right now. You can even Skype lessons over your laptop when you’re away! Again, it’s a great way to make cash and create your own schedule. And, you get to teach what you love to do with other people that have the same passion for music.

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