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    How To Grow Your Fan Base

    Your fans are the people that come to shows, buy your t-shirts, help promote you, buy your music and support you. The more fans you have, the better you will be. How do you gain more fans and grow your fan base? We are going to give you some tips to help you do just that.

    Get your music in front of good influences. You want people like internet radio DJs and bloggers to play and review your music so that way hundreds or thousands of new people are exposed to you and your band. 90% (don’t quote us) of the world get their information from the internet. Be part of that news. Be the music that people want to listen to after they read a great article about you on an influenced blog post. Internet blog posts also allow other people to share that post increasing your potential for new fans.

    Get your music in front of as many professional people as you can. The more people that hear your music, the better off you are. Hand it off to producers and engineers. They will be able to give you any tips about making adjustments to your music that could benefit you greatly. They are professionals for a reason. They have been in the business for a while.

    If someone is kind enough to give you a recommendation, take it! Don’t pass up any opportunity that could be good for your band. Remember, you want all of the exposure that you can get. The more people that hear you, the more people that will like you, leading you to growing your fan base.

    You know all of that networking that we are constantly talking about? Use them. Use your connections to get into different venues and to play with different bands. Use these people to help spread your music and in return, spread their music. You will both be helping each other out by reaching new people. One hand washes the other.



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