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    How To Handle A Bad Venue

    We have all played at that one venue that just treats you and your band terribly. It’s happened to the best of us. We have a few ideas on how you can and should handle the situation when this happens to you and your band. After all, it’s not cool!

    Your best bet here in this situation (and really any life situation) is to calmly assess the problem. Getting angry and pissed off never really gets much done and why should you have to feel that way? Figure out what was the exact moment that this problem occurred and what allowed it to continue. Where you the initial cause of the problem, or did someone at the venue actually start the problem. Once you figured out who and what started it, you probably have a better chance at calming the entire situation down.

    Once you know the true problem and the roots, figure out how can they right the wrong? Is a simple apology enough, or is there more to this and you want something else? Remember, if a true wrong was done, it should be corrected. You also don’t want to be known as that “diva” band. Try to keep your solution as simple as possible if you can.

    Make sure you are talking to the right person. Start with the actual person. You know how they say, don’t talk behind someone’s back, talk to their face… make that rule apply here. If the sound guy did something to annoy you, talk to him first. If he is still acting like a jerk to you, it might be time to speak with the manager about his or her behavior towards your band.

    If the problem can’t be solved? That venue sucks and your band should never play their again. Don’t go bashing them on social media, but simply take a silent protest against having to do anything with that venue. You deserve respect and so does the venue. There are those unspoken rules that most venues and artists have, know and respect. Pass it alone 🙂

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