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    How To Improve As A Band Mate

    Being in a band can sometimes be tough. There are many different personalities (and creative personalities) that are trying to work together to produce the best possible music that they can. Sometimes it’s easier to put our own needs in front of everyone else, but here is how you can improve as a band mate.

    The band isn’t only about you. It is not and should never be a one person show. Even if your band name is Aster Pheonyx, named after your singer, you would just be a singer if you didn’t have a band. You need to be willing to compromise and share the spotlight with everyone. Your band mates will begin to resent you if they feel like you are trying to upstage them. Yes, your fans will always have their favorite band member and the media tends to focus a lot on the front person, but if you don’t act like you’re in the front, your band will be alright with it.

    Just like any relationship, you need to talk about things with your band. You need to communicate and not via text. You have to be open and honest with where you want things to be going, if you feel like someone isn’t pulling their weight. People can’t try to fix what they don’t think is broken. Have an open line with everyone in your band. At the end of every practice, leave 10 to 15 minutes to just talk about what’s going on, good or bad.

    You have to be open to collaboration with your band. If you come in with this new song, you’re going to expect your band to add their own twist to the song. Obviously you’re in a band together so your styles won’t really conflict, but you also need to be open to suggestions and change. You may think it sounds perfect, but if everyone in your band says “Maybe we should add a bridge instead of a 4th verse to change things up.” You can’t freak out. Odds are, they are probably right.

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