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    How To Judge Your Own Work

    It’s tough to give your own work a true honest opinion because your ego will always get in the way. You are going to believe that everything that you write or create is going to be amazing. It’s not until other people get to listen to it that you really begin to understand what your fans think of your music. So, how can you judge your own work? We have a few ideas that might help you out.

    Remember, nothing is perfect, so always keep that in the back of your mind. Your work may be good and set to a certain standard, but you’ll never be perfect and you need to learn that as quickly as possible.

    When you are getting ready to allow someone else to listen to your music, make sure it is an audience who will understand it and appreciate it. The best place to get some quick feedback is an open mic. Do some research for venues in your town that host them and check out the genre that is most played there. Just go an listen a few times before you get up there and play a song. Make sure this is going to be the right crowd for you.

    If someone doesn’t like your music, don’t start a fight, tell them they are crazy or say something else stupid. There is a reason that your music isn’t clicking with them. Instead of arguing with them, ask them for their suggestions. See what maybe they would like to hear done differently. Take what they say and apply it. Maybe it will sound better to you and your future listeners. You don’t need to get all bent out of shape if someone doesn’t like what you’re doing musically. Remember our first point, you are not perfect. The world isn’t always going to like everything that you do and that is perfectly ok. Use it as a learning tool.


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