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    How To Know When Your Song Is Ready To Be Released

    So you have a song that you recorded that you are all set to release into this world! With so many critics out there, including yourself, how do you know if your song is actually ready to be released?

    Make sure that this song sounds good everywhere. It needs to sound good in the studio, but it also needs to sound good through headphones and on a regular radio. Most people do the “car test”. Bring it out to your car and see how it sounds.

    Make sure that the artwork that you picked for your single looks professional and is of professional quality. You want the picture to be a high resolution image so it doesn’t look gritty when it goes to print.

    You have passed around this song to everyone you know and got every piece of feedback (good and bad) that you could have possibly gotten.

    Not only did you plan and write a great song, you also took the time to sit down and create a marketing plan as well as a budgeting plan. Remember, if you are serious about your career, you need to treat yourself like a business. So make sure you have a good plan on how to get you music out there and how you’re going to keep track of your books.

    When you’re are listening to your release you know exactly how to describe it to someone and who will be most interested in hearing it. This is good for promotion.

    If you have any doubts, any doubts at all.. do not release it. If you feel like you can hit a vocal better or write a better guitar solo. If you feel like maybe THAT lyric can be rearranged or the mixing is just not the way you want it to sound, go back in and fix it. Spend the extra time and money to make it sound like something that you would be completely and 10000000% happy with. Why release something that you aren’t even happy with??

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