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    How to Maintain and Engage Your E-mail List

    In today’s world we live in everything that is surrounded by technology. We don’t write letters to people anymore, we send them e-mails. So how do we as musicians maintain and keep your fans engaged in your e-mail list?  We have a few steps for you to consider as you move forward.

    If you have a mailing list already, you can usually track who is signing up, from where, their general age & gender and a few other pieces of data that will help you direct your focus on your biggest demographic, while allowing you to try to target outside of the people that are already following. Use the data at hand to begin go build.

    When you get new fans to join the list or they get their friends to join the list, offer them something. It could be something as small as a free digital download to one of your songs. You want to keep them interested.

    Make sure you put a link on your Page as well as your website, so people can directly sign up for your mailing address. Don’t forget to advertise the free perks for joining.

    You want to make your users feel like they have to sign up for your mailing list or they will be missing secret shows or special merch opportunities. Let people feel like they will be missing out on your upcoming events if they don’t sign up for your mailing list.

    When doing an e-mail blast, you want to do it the right way. You don’t want to flood people’s inboxes all the time about every little thing because they will unsubscribe. Make sure when you send something out, it’s actually worth their while to read it. You want your fans to be excited when they see your band name in their in box.


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