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    How To Make It In The Music Industry

    We all know that making it in the music industry is not an easy thing to do. It is a hard circle to break in to especially if you are an independent musician. We know you have the dream and your drive is what is making this a career path for you. But what can you do to amplify your chances over the next guy into making a successful career in the music industry? How can you stand apart from the others?  We have a few suggestions that just might help take you where you want to go.

    Focus on your music and your talents before anything else. Put in your time and pay your dues. Yes, it would be cool to be an overnight success, but it doesn’t prepare you to have a long lasting career in the industry. Make sure you practice to the point where your performance is almost flawless.

    You need your fans to actually care about you and the person that you are. They need to be able to see themselves in you and be able to relate to your music. When they are having a bad day, is your song the one they want to play? You want to be in a reachable area to your fans.

    Do you remember when you were younger and you tried to be like your favorite musician? You are now in that position to be that for someone else. Be someone that someone else wants to be.

    Supporting other local bands is so important. Not only are you being a good musician in this slowly dying live music scene, but you are building new networking roads that will only benefit you down the line.

    You need to see yourself as a business. You need to know where you are coming in in the red and where you are going to make your money back. Do you sell a lot of tickets? Do you t-shirts fly off the table? Think about where your money is coming in from and work on where it is not. You need to have a good balancing act to keep you floating through the hard times.

    Like any business, you need a clear plan on where you see yourself going and how you plan on getting there. You can dream big, but be realistic. Don’t be disappointed if it is taking longer than you thought. Regroup and you can always recreate your plan with the information you are gathering to make a more successful plan for your path to a great career.

    BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! If you don’t believe in you and your music, why should any one else?? Let the people that hate on you just roll of your back. Keep a smile on your face and focus on your main goal.

    Hard work and dedication is key in making any business work. Yes, your music is a business if you are looking to make a career out of it. Keep your head up. Don’t let it take you out if you hit a bump in the road. Everything is a learning experience that will help you get to the next level. Be open minded to the endless possibilities that the world has to offer you.

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