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    How To Make Your Vocal Tracks Sound More Modern

    There is a lot that goes into recording and a lot that you want to consider when you’re going into the studio. Usually studios provide a wide range of amp’s for guitarists and bass players, but laying down vocals can be kind of tricky. It’s literally you and your voice. Of coarse they can add some effects. So we have some tips on how to make your vocals sound more modern the next time you are in the studio.

    Instead of harmonies, pitch vocals are becoming the new mainstream sound. What you do is you sing to the fifth instead of the harmony and you layer it under your vocals. It give it almost a modern edge to your sound.

    Reverb has always been used, but the way they are using it now is a little different. They are only adding it in certain parts and a lot of it, to give it a very dramatic effect. You almost flood certain parts of the verse or chorus with reverb and then take it back out again.

    Auto Tune is not new to the game, but people are definitely using it a lot more. But now, instead of using it to make people sound like Cher in “Do You Believe In Love“, they are using it as a low-fi effect that aides the vocals.

    Artists will sidechain white noise to kick drums in order to create a rhythmic swish sound. And now, we’re seeing producers sidechain vocals to kick drums. In other words, every time the kick drum hits, the vocal compression responds, making the vocal appear to lower in volume at each kick drum hit. This gives the vocal a modern, rhythmic, ambient effect, almost like the vocal is ducking underneath the bass.

    Looping has been known to be used a lot with guitarists, but now people are using that with the vocal track. So you’ll be hearing the same part of a word or even a verse repeating, while you’re still singing your main vocals over it.


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