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    Stay Cool With Your Music Supervisors

    The music supervisor is the person in charge of all the music that will be involved in a specific project. Whether it be movies, television or video games, this is the person that you will be dealing with when you are trying to submit your music into the mainstream. Make their life easier by following a few steps on not pissing these people off.

    If you are lucky enough to be asked to pitch your music, keep your mouth shut about it until otherwise stated. By spreading the fact that someone is looking for music, or someone is interested in your music, opens the door to every musician you know to submit something that they think is great to this music supervisor. They don’t have the time to meet their deadlines if they are being hammered with e-mails from people they don’t want to be contacted by. Plus, you may not have the permission at the moment to be promoting the project.

    Don’t even bother pitching your music to a music supervisor if you don’t have all of your paperwork in order. What we mean by this, is make sure you have a copyright to your song and that is registered with a Performing Rights Organization, such as BMI or ASCAP. You are only causing more of a headache for both you and your supervisor if this paperwork is lacking.

    If at all possible, make sure you just have an instrumental version of your song ready to go if the music supervisor decides that is what they want. Don’t make them wait for you and don’t make them hunt you down. You should have both a copy with and without lyrics all ready to go for whenever they ask for it.

    If you did a sloppy self-recording job of a song just to give it a pitch, save everyone’s time and don’t even bother sending it in. If you are serious about making it work, take the time to either buy the right equipment or head into the studio to make your song sound professional. Why are you going to send them something that sounds terrible? Wait until you are ready to make a pitch by having a great quality recording.

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