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    How To Play A Mind Blowing Set

    When playing a live show all musicians want to give a performance of a lifetime. We want to totally blow the minds of every person in the venue that you are rocking out. Your first step is to make sure that your actual music is ready to go that way you can focus on the other things that will leave your audience begging you for more.

    When you’re playing, all eyes should be on your and your band. You need to dress to impress your audience. Figure out a cool style for you and your band members that feels right. What you look like is just important as what you sound like. It is the way it was and the way it will always be in the music industry.

    You need to be able to feel comfortable in your own skin. You are standing in front of an entire room with your heart on your sleeve. Do you have the confidence to do so? The crowd can pick up on if you feel like you own the stage or if you can’t wait to get off of there fast enough. Own it and release all of your fears.

    Your fans are only going to take you as seriously as you take yourself. Although it is good to have fun on stage and joke around, don’t just be a joke. Show people that this is what you want to do with your life. No, show people that this is what you are meant to do with your life.

    When you’re booked for a show, get there early enough to be able to have a sound check. This will eliminate any awkwardness because you can’t hear yourself on stage. Your fans would rather you talk to them as opposed to talking to the sound guy.

    Nothing is worse than going to see a band and it’s just four separate people standing on stage playing the same song. Interact with your band members. You’re putting on a show!! Go over to your bass player and play back to back, rocking out with each other. All of this will make a difference. Show them that you want to be up there and that you actually like each other. You will keep their interest.

    If you’re just starting out learning how to play mind blowing shows, go back and watch video from your previous performances. Look at them and see what worked and what you could improve on them. This is what practice is for. Don’t just use practice to go over your music, but to perfect your stage performance. You’ll be glad you did.

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