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    Getting Ready For The Studio

    Studio time isn’t always the cheapest thing that you will be spending your money on as a band, especially if you are an independent musician. So how do you stretch your dollar in the studio and get the most out of your time? You want to be prepared before you even step foot into that recording studio.

    We all know practice can be repetitious and when it comes down to it, not always fun. Practice is something that needs to happen, no matter how famous you are. Practice is also the key to getting the most out of your studio time. This is the time that allows you to fix anything that you are questioning before you go lay out down on a track.

    Not only does it clear up any confusion, but it allows you to become tighter as a band. When you record, you are literally putting your music under a microscope. Any flaws or sour notes will be picked up to be played over and over again.

    Know Your Parts: If you have this killer solo, don’t just wing it every time you play. Sure, it is great for a live show and it keeps things exciting and fresh, but for the studio take the time to sit down and actually write your part.

    Timing: You need to decide if you are recording to a click track or if you will just be recording a live take of your music. If you are going to be recording to a click track, make sure you practice to one before you walk into the studio. Don’t be unprepared if you have never had to be forced to stay in time.

    Come Together: Everyone is bound to make a mistake at some point while they are playing a song. You can eliminate this as much as possible. Schedule your practices to focus on specific songs until you can run through your entire set with as minimal mistakes as possible. Remember, the more mistakes you make, the longer your recording is going to take. Save time and really get to learn every note of your song.

    Practice may not always be fun, but it is what will improve you as a band.

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