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    How To Promote Last Minute Shows

    We have all had it happen. A venue or a band wants to put you on a bill, but you have less than two weeks to promote yourself. You want to prove that you can bring a crowd, but without much time to even announce the show, how the hell are you going to get your normal fan base out to come and support you? We have some tips for you on how you can promote a last minute show that shouldn’t let you or anyone down!

    Try this. Don’t make it look like you just booked this show out of now where… try to make this show look like you were actually holding out on your fans by presenting it as a SURPRISE SHOW! It sounds more exciting this way and makes it look like you had something up your sleeve.

    Promote the hell out of it on Social Media. Blow up everyone’s Facebook pages, Twitter Accounts, Instagram Feeds, Snap Chat stories and any other social media network that is out there, so that no matter what app they click on, there you and your new show will be.

    Make a quick and simple flyer that you can post in and around the venue that you are playing at. This will catch the eye of the people that are already in the area and hey, maybe they don’t have plans that night and now they do.

    Same way with social media, use your e-mail list.

    Everyone likes free things, so offer your fans something. Even if you have to bite the bullet a little. Offer free stickers to everyone that comes out to the show or offer half price on all of your merch for that show only. You’ll still be making money, but your fans will be getting a deal.

    The world is literally at your finger tips. Reach out personally to people asking them to come hangout and have a drunk with you at the show. Make it more like a hangout then begging people to come to your show.

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