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    How To Really Use #Hashtags

    We have all seen them. We have all tried to use them. Some of us at one point in our lives have used “#” to mean number. In this generation the Hashtag can be seen on every social media site. They are used to link you to everyone else that put themselves in that category. It basically groups a bunch of media together by a specific hashtag and allows other people to search that one word or phrase. So how are you really supposed to use the hashtag to make it work for your musical posts?

    The key to really using a hashtag is to keep them short. Don’t #afullsentencesonooneknowswhatyouretalkingabout. See our point? That is a pain in the ass to read and no one is going to openly search for that to find something that interests them. Use something like, “Come out to see our #show at #MSG this #Saturday #Night.” You can then follow it by related topics, #music #liveshow. It’s simple. Don’t go over board or crazy. People will tend to ignore it if it is too long.

    If you are going to join a few words together, like your band name, use capital letters. (#BandNameRocks) It makes it much easier for people to read and break it down. It also allows people to hashtag you when they are out seeing your band.

    It all sounds like common sense, but we have all seen the posts where we think, “What are they even talking about?” Allow your fans to find you. Allow new people to find you. Try to limit yourself to maybe 2 or 3 hash tagged words. Again, it is all about the ease of the reader. If you put too many, everything starts to become lost in the jumble of all of your hashtags. No one has time for that.

    #Happy Hashtagging!

    [Reprinted From: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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