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    How To See If Your PR Campaign Was A Success

    It’s always good to review all of your work to see if you were successful or not and if you can improve on what you were doing to bring you to that next level. Don’t just look at your PR from the last two months to see if you are doing well or not. Look back the entire year to get a better overall look at where you stand.

    Is your band getting covered by bigger media outlets? If you have moved on from very local media to more statewide or even national media, you are doing something right. This means that people are hearing about you and want to cover your band as you rise to the top. Embrace it and keep getting your name out there.

    By this point in your career you should have a killer press kit. A press kit is like your resume for musicians. It should have samples of your music, great photos and even better press clips. It is a great tool to continue promoting yourself and your band.

    The buzz that is being created around you should be bringing in new fans. If it’s not, what is the point of a buzz. It is supposed to make people want to hear your music and find a way to see you live.

    You’re at the point in your career where you want the media talking about you. The more and more people are talking about you, the more interviews and the more of a buzz you will create around you. The more attention that you get will get even bigger media outlets and possible TV spots interested in your band and your music. The media is a powerful tool that you need to take full advantage of to help launch you to new heights in your career.

    Take a look at your social media pages. Is your band getting mentioned more? Are the likes continuing to grow? Are your posts reaching more and more people? Are people retweeting what you have posted? This is a good way to see where you stand. You want to continue growing on social media as well.

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