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    How To Target Radio Stations So They Actually Play You

    Hearing your song on the radio while you’re driving in your car for the first time has to be one of the coolest feelings in the world. It is absolutely a sign that you’ve made it and things will only get bigger from there! Radio play means more exposure for your band because more people get the chance to hear it, however getting on the radio isn’t always the easiest thing. So, how do you target the radio stations so they will actually play you? Read on a little more for some tips.

    The major labels pour millions of dollars into marketing their artists and promoting singles, which is why most corporate stations are in the top 40 or pop genres. It’s also why they play the same songs by the same artists over and over again. Unfortunately, until you get to the point of the major artist, you probably won’t be hearing your band on any of the hit  music stations. You need to establish yourself more, get some great PR and a label that will pay for you to be on the radio.

    Public and Indie radio is the route you want to take. A lot of these stations are craving new local music and they have their own investors and sponsors that help keep them running. A lot of the time, these radio stations feature artist spot lights and have guest interviews or they will spin your entire CD. It’s a great way to get yourself and your music out their. The good thing about radio now, is most stations have a live streaming app that people can tune in to from their computer from anywhere in the world. No one will have to miss your interview!

    Radio is definitely one of those things in the music business that you have to work you way up with. There is no starting at the top.

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