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    How To Write A Better Bio

    Your band’s bio tells the story of you before anyone gets to even hear your music. Your bio is your band literally in black and white. It should catch a reader’s attention in a couple short paragraphs and make people want to listen to your music. It’s not always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes writing about yourself is harder than you think and even harder to make it interesting enough to have people want to read it. We have a little walk through that you can use to write a compelling story for your biography.

    First thing, start with the basics of your band. What inspires you, the members of your band, what they play, where you’re from and what you plan on doing. Keep that short and to the point. You can expand on it later.

    Now expand on your inspirations. What made you start this band? What caused you to write your songs? Start building your bio on this theme. This is where you begin to tell your story.

    Never write your bio in the first person. Always say “They” as if someone wrote it about you. Start digging deeper into your emotions. Making people feel what your music is about before they even listen to it. The point of a great bio is for people to understand who you are and what your music is about. It should have people running to your show to hear your sound or downloading your music off of iTunes. This is their first impression of you.

    Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve in the bio. People want to be able to make a connection with you. Musicians and bands that share themselves with their fans usually get a better response than if you are a constant mystery. Be human to your fans and your potential fans. Let them see what you are all about.

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