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    How To Write A Catchy Song

    When you’re writing a song, you want it to be something that is going to catch people’s attention. You want that song to stick in their heads. You want them to hear and have to buy it so they can continue to listen to it over and over again. So how do you write one of those catchy songs?

    A lot of catchy songs are actually very repetitious. That is one of the main reasons they get caught in your head. If there is a good hook in a song, and they keep repeating it, you are going to catch yourself singing that verse or chorus constantly. You need something that is going to grab their attention and then you need to drill it in.

    The more you repeat a melodic rhythm, the catchier your song is going to be. You can still move your notes around, but you want to keep it in one zone. Again, this is what is going to stick in someone’s brain and cause them to play it in their head on repeat whether they want to or not.

    You want your lyrics to have a certain rhythm about it. Even if they don’t know the words, whoever hears it will be humming along. Yes, we know it is easier said than done, but if you want to catch their attention and keep it, break your songs apart and see what is working and what isn’t.

    The good thing about this whole repeating yourself factor, is the less you actually have to do as a song writer. If you keep singing the same line every few lines, it is less you have to write, but it is still very impactful in your main goal.

    The earlier you accept this, the faster you’ll be able to write catchy songs. Make one thing up, repeat it three times. Boom. Verse! Make up another thing, repeat it three times. Boom. Pre-chorus! You get the idea.


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