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    How You Can Actually Ruin Your Song

    What makes you a musician is the ability to write your own music. We all want to write music that people will love and that will last through the test of time. There is actually a way to write a bad song. We are here to help you avoid some of those things that will prevent you from getting to where you want to be.

    Unless you can keep your listener’s attention, keep your intro to the point. No one wants to wait 10 minutes for your song to actually kick in. Most professionals in the industry will listen to your song for about 45 seconds. Don’t waste your time on a lengthy intro.

    If you’re the songwriter for a band, don’t make your song impossible to play and sing to. Know your band’s ability. If your guitar play is an okay guitarist, don’t write a piece for Slash to play. If that is how you want to write, maybe it’s time to audition for a new guitarist. You also want to write in a key that  won’t strain your singers voice.  Your singer shouldn’t have to worry about hitting notes out of their range because you want to write in a certain key. Again, if that’s the case, get a new singer or your song will fall apart when you play it live.

    Be original. Yes. Be you. Don’t write a song to a style that is popular right now in this moment. You want a song that is going to last. Anything that is on the top 100 right now in this moment, will be gone before you get to release your album. You will constantly be playing catch up. Write music that comes from your heart, not the minds of others. Besides, it gets tiring trying to be something that you’re not.

    Just like a long song intro, no one likes a long song outro. Yes, ending a song with a few extra notes, a huge build up or a guitar solo can be popular, you need to know when to end this. After a certain point people will completely lose interest in you. That song that could have just amazed every one for the last five minutes will leave people unsure of if they should clap 15 minutes after your song is finally over. Don’t lose the momentum that you originally gave your song. Keep it sweet and to the point. You need to keep the attention of every one in the room.

    If you want to write a song that will sell itself, don’t ruin your song by losing the interest of the people in the room. They are the ones that can keep coming back or decide to stay home because your music never left a mark.


    [Reprinted From: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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