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    How Your Demo Can Make Or Break Your Music

    Creating a demo is a big step in your music career, but it has the possibility to make or break you. The music industry has changed. People don’t really mail out hundreds of copies of their demo anymore. Everything is pretty much done online.  Here is what you should do to ensure success with your demo.

    The best way to send out your demo is through e-mail. Posting it on Social Media is great for your fans, but not good for industry type people. Most of the time, they won’t listen to anything on social media unless they are specifically looking for new talent via Facebook or the internet. E-mail them a copy of your demo.

    Remember to be polite in your e-mails and follow up e-mails. You need to understand that the people you are sending your demo to, probably get hundreds of submissions on a weekly basis and it does take time to go through everything. Do not send any angry e-mail if you don’t hear back from these people. Send a nice follow up e-mail after two weeks just saying, “We really hope you had a moment to listen to our music and we hope that you enjoyed it.” Follow that by a link to your website and you’re good to go. Some places, like Pandora radio, can take anywhere up to 6 months to even respond to you. Relax. When they do finally get to your e-mail, they don’t want to see an army of nasty e-mails following it.

    You don’t want to post everything!! Recently, we had played a show and the venue was nice enough to film the entire thing for us. We took it home, and uploaded all of the videos on to our YouTube channel, but we only posted one or two of them to your social media sites. You don’t want to flood people with too much because they will skip right over it. We also found that by people watching the videos that we did post, they searched for other videos on their one. Let them want more. Trust me, they will find it.

    Before you even think about sending anything out to a professional, is the sound quality good? Nothing is worse than sending amazing songs out, but the quality is so poor that these people can’t even get through the first 5 seconds of a song without their ears hurting. Take the time to make sure you are sending out a demo that you are proud of all around. Wait until you have the money if you have to. You will have 1000 times more success if you wait to save to produce a good sound demo, than if you send out a poor sounding demo just because you wanted to get something out to these people. Yes, we know you want to make it as soon as possible, but sometimes you need to be smart about certain things and this is one of them. Would you rather people throw out 500 poorly recorded demos or get 50 responses back to the 50 demos you took the time to make? It’s a no brainer. Learn to be still. It will happen for you, just do things the right way the first time.

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