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    Inspiring Messages From Working Musicians: Part Three

    Repost From SonicBids Blog {http://blog.sonicbids.com/14-honest-inspiring-lessons-for-working-musicians-by-working-musicians}

    1. Vinnie Paul – Put your heart and soul into it

    “It’s very difficult. First of all, you really have to want it. You’ve gotta be willing to sacrifice just about everything in your life. And if you really believe in it, you’ve got about a 10 percent chance of getting lucky and getting somewhere, but that 10 percent chance does exist. So put your heart and soul into it and give it everything you’ve got, and more power to you.”

    1. Lorde  – Have clear goals

    “If you want your music to be heard…you can just put stuff on the internet and people can love it, and that’s cool. I think the industry is much less scary than people think it is. You have to go into it with an idea of who you are and what you want to do, and you have to have an idea of the things that you won’t do and the things that you want to aspire to. Because if you have clear goals and absolute no’s for yourself, then people can figure it out. And then you won’t be left like, ‘Oh, shit, why did I do that juice commercial?'”


    1. Thom Yorke – Do it yourself

    “Release music yourself without the help of a major record label. It is only a matter of time, months rather than years, before the music business establishment completely folds. Don’t sign a major label contract; instead, venture out on your own. I guess I would say, don’t tie yourself to the sinking ship because, believe me, it’s sinking.”

    1. Karmin – Connect with fans

    “Work really, really hard. Be consistent. It’s also important to be connected with your fans on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, as these are great avenues to help promote any band.”


    1. Dick Dale – Learn how to market yourself

    “Don’t sign with a label, don’t sign with a record company, ’cause the minute you sign your name, you’ll lose all the rights to your music, and you’ll never see a dime. So what you should do is build up your following by continuously playing, save up your money, and record your own stuff and your own CDs, and then learn to market yourself. Sell your own CDs right out of your vehicles, right out at your shows, like Johnny Cash sold his records right out of the trunk of his car. By doing that, you’ll make all the money from the CD and make your money back 10 times faster – then take that money and buy ads in magazines and learn how to market yourself.”

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