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    Interview Mistakes You May Be Making

    Let’s be real, an interview can make you nervous and cause you to not always get out the right words. The bad part about this is, is once it is printed, there is no taking back what you or one of your band members said. The best way to go about an interview is to know the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

    Don’t forget that when you are on an interview, anything you say is fair game for the person interviewing you to use and to publish. Unless you tell them, “Off the record…” they have full range to publish whatever comes out of your mouth. Don’t regret something that you say in an interview. It will soon be in black and white for the world to read. If you need to take a moment to think about your answer, do so.

    Be careful about what you share. The person interviewing is not your friend. You don’t want your personal life to be used against you later down the line just because you felt like sharing a little too much to the writer.

    You want to keep your answers fresh every time you have an interview. This does not mean to change your answers so you have a conflicting opinion. It simply means, think of a way to reword your responses when you are asked the same question by someone else. People want to see the real you.

    If you’re thinking about blowing off an interview, think again. Writers are on a deadline. They probably picked the date and time because it will allow them enough time to get what they need to get done. It will make you look very unprofessional if you have to continue to reschedule an interview. Believe us, the press talks. You do not want to make them dislike you.

    It is ok to prepare yourself. Odds are, the person interviewing you already has a list of questions that they are ready to ask you. Ask them if you could have a brief outline of the topics that will be discussed during the interview. It will take away some of your nervousness as well, allowing you to give more comfortable responses.

    Don’t give one word answers. Show these people that you are excited about your music. Elaborate on details. Feel free to ask them questions to keep the conversation going. This will make for a better read for your audience.

    Keep your political views out of an interview unless it is a specific interview on that. People don’t want to hear about your thoughts on the world, especially if you are too opinionated. Stick to talking about your music and your goals. Talk about upcoming events and tours. Don’t stray to topics that have nothing to do with what you are trying to promote.

    And as always, be yourself!

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