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    Is It Time To Get A Manager?

    So your band has been playing consistently around at local venues. You have a CD and a merchandise table all set at your shows. You have all of your social media sites in order. So, is it time for your band to get a manager to take you to the next level?

    Most bands want to do it all on their own, but sometimes you exhausted all of your contacts and connection.  This is where a good manager will come in to help you get one (or many) steps closer to your goal.

    It’s true that a well-connected manager can definitely open some doors, but it’s crucial to first evaluate if you’re ready to be represented before you sign the contract. Before you can depend on someone else to do something for you, always consider if you’ve done everything you can do for yourself first.

    Once you notice you’re starting to get requests from people you don’t know; promoters, blogs, for performing requests or inquiring about your next song release, you may need some help with representation.

    The biggest benefit that having a manger gives you is that extra free time to actually play, write and practice. Your manager will now be the one in charge of dealing with the venues, submitting your music and photos, scheduling interviews and so on. Their time is taken up by the “work” aspect of the industry and that is what you want. You want to be able to focus on the music.

    Always make sure you do a little research on your new manager. Do they have good contacts? Do they represent anyone that has a high status than you do? Has the manager had an artist that has been signed by a record label? These are all things that you want to look in to. You also want to make sure this person has enough time to dedicate to your band and isn’t overwhelmed with other projects.

    A manager can make your life a lot easy. Just be careful with who you decide to pick. Remember, they are representing YOU and YOUR band. Hey, it’s a good thing when you actually need to get a manager to help you out. It means you’re doing something right.

    [Reprinted From: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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