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    Is Your Band Holding You Back?

    Being in a band is like being in multiple relationships all at one time. You have to juggle a lot of different personalities and opinions. Just because someone is a talented musician, doesn’t always mean they are the right person for your band. You wouldn’t tolerate someone having a negative impact on your day to day life, so why have someone in your band. We have a few red flags for you to look for to see if your band is holding you back.

    If you used to practice a lot and now you don’t, that should be one of your first signs. Practice is important, even if you’re playing the same songs. You can always improve. You will never be too good. If your band wants to practice less or people are missing practices, that means they are losing interest. If you want to be the best you can be, you need to work at it.

    It takes an army to run a successful band and write now, you are that army. If you are the only one trying to book gigs to get your music out there, you might as well be on your own or find musicians that are willing to put in the same amount of foot work.

    If you’re the only one promoting your band and your gigs, why bother being a band with anyone else? Again, you are doing all the work. They are just getting up to pay and hopefully get paid. Ditch those clowns and get people who are in it 100%.

    So you want to get out of your home state, but who doesn’t want to use a sick day and who doesn’t want to leave their girlfriend… lose that person. They are holding you back. People make excuses for things they don’t want to do. So if you have a chance to take a mini tour somewhere, but your drummer can’t get anyone to feed the cat.. toss ’em. You deserve better.

    We get it. Every band needs a leader, but every leader needs people to back them. So if someone in your band isn’t answering you and you have to chase them to see if they are free a Friday night to book  a gig, BYE FELICIA. You should have an answer at least by the end of someone’s work day. (we get it, you’re probably working a day job still and companies frown upon it)


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