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    Items You’ll Be Glad You Brought On Tour

    We all know that going on a trip can be stressful to pack for. Normally a vacation is about a week, but a tour can drag on for months. We have a few suggestions for things that you should never be without while you are touring the country as an independent artist.

    A Triple A (AAA) Card will be one of your best friends on the road when you’re traveling through towns you have never heard of. It costs about $50.00 for the year and will help you out in many jams that you may encounter while being on the road. Flat tire? No problem. Call AAA and they will take care of that for you. You have places to be!

    Water is an important one to pack. Your body needs it. Odds are, one of your band mates are hung over from the night before and could use the hydration. It is cheaper to buy a 18 bottle case of water for $2.99 as opposed to a $1.99 bottle of water. You’ll save plenty right there.

    A hand written emergency contact list. Let’s just say something goes terribly wrong, all of your cell phones are dead, but you need to let someone know where you are.. you’ll be glad you had this little list made out before you ventured out.

    Bring a map. Yes, we know these are old school and you probably have a GPS, but for some reason if you can’t get a signal, you’ll be happy you had a map to look at to get you to your next gig.

    Cash and Quarters. It’s always good to have cash on you when you’re on the road because you never know what little places you stop at will or won’t take debit cards. Quarter will be important because street parking can cost money.

    Make sure to bring snacks too. You may get hungry while you’re driving for a few hours. Going on tour is expensive enough. Save money where you can. Plus you can cater better to your needs and what you want if you pre-pack.

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