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    It’s Good To Reflect On Your Success [A Blog From Autumn City]

    When your an independent musician, until you start making some real money, you’ll be doing everything on your own as a band. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a few close friends and great fans that will help you do some of the work. My band Autumn City has been together for about a year and a half now.  I can tell you how amazing it is to see the progress something can make when you watch it happen from day one. Our very first show as a band we played for maybe 10 people in a tiny bar in New York City. One year later we played to a sold out venue for our CD Release of our debut album, “Tuesday’s Song.”  It didn’t just happen over night.  It also didn’t happen on our own.

    A lot of the time, bands don’t really get to appreciate all of the amazing things that happen around them everyday because they are so focused on the big picture of becoming “famous”.  In less than one year our band was nominated for the 2014 Best Rock Band for the Asbury Music Awards. One, to have any nomination in those awards if you are a New Jersey is an amazing honor and Two, to have been recognized so quickly in only 11 months of being a band. Did we win? No, but to be 100% honest with you, we didn’t even care! We were so humbled by our own personal accomplishment that we were just able to enjoy the night.

    In our first 6 months of playing, we ran into a man that believed in our music so much that he was willing to invest his own personal money into paying for our studio time and paying for the manufacturing of 500 CDs for us to tell and gain 100% of the profits. With that CD came many more opportunities. We will be playing 6 out of state shows this year. He is also buying us a van! Again, for a band that has not even been together 2 years, we are touring nationally. Through a great deal of networking, we landed a tour with a band, The Last Year who we played with down in Atlantic City opening for a completely different band.

    Always take a step back to look at the greater picture. No, we are not famous by any means.  Are we known in New Jersey, you bet! But you have to start somewhere! No one just wakes up and is known all over the world. Work hard, talk to people, reach out, send e-mails work for what you love so you can do what you love. It’s scary! It is cut throat and there will always be moments when you doubt yourself. You need to look at all of the milestones that you have come to in your own world. Stop comparing yourself to other people.


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