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    Let’s Keep That Buzz Going

    When your album is complete, touring is next on your list of things to do to ensure that everyone gets a chance to hear it. Touring creates a buzz around that doesn’t need to come to a complete stop once you play your last show. So, how do you keep a buzz continuing long after you packed up after your last show?

    Hold on to any reviews or press releases that were written about you while you were on the road. Any photos that were taken of you are also a great thing to hold on to. Feel free to search through social media to look for some really good live shots of your band.

    Ok, so maybe you miscalculated the amount of shirts you actually needed to take with you on the road. Now you have an abundance of them. This is a great time to discount your merch and create a limited edition tour only merchandise sale. These extra shirts are also great to hand out for contest give-a-ways. Everyone likes free things! Plus you are actively engaging with your fans. They won’t be able to get enough of you.

    Make sure to get your thank yous out there! If someone wrote a review of your show, but you didn’t reach out because you were busy, take the time now to reach and say thanks. The same thing goes for your fans. Don’t fall off the face of the social media planet just because your tour ended! Keep your fans engaged! Thank them for all of their support as you traveled all over the place and how each town was special to you.

    Remember, if music is your career, there is never down time. What is your next step? Are you going to go back into the studio with a quick follow up CD? Are you going to record just a single and do a slow release? You need to now start moving into the direction of your next big movement.

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