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    Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Fans At Your Next Show

    As a musician, you should know that your fans are what is going to make you successful. They are your biggest advocates. If they love your music, they will share it with everyone they known and bring their friends out to your shows. Next time you play a show, truly leave a lasting impression on them. It will keep them coming back for more.

    It’s okay to be a little dramatic up on stage. You are performing. It’s not like you are out on the street doing something that might look weird. Do you remember Ozzy Osborne eating a bat head on stage? The fans loved it! The media when crazy about it and everyone had some sort of opinion about it. We aren’t suggesting you eat animals on stage, but it’s okay to think a little bit out of the box.

    Make the stage do some work for you. Set up a light show behind you (if you can afford it) or a projector screen that plays images behind you while you’re playing. Have local fan favorites come up and join you for a song. Even if it’s not Halloween, go ahead and wear a costume for half of your set. You want to stand out from the others. Get creative with it!

    The biggest way to make fans walk away with a lasting impression is to interact with them. Talk to them a bit when your guitarist is tuning up. Think of a VIP fan experience that you can offer your fans for a little more than ticket value. Maybe they get to hang out with you backstage before or after your set. Bring a whole bunch of glow sticks and have them flash them around during your set! Not only is it fun for them, but it looks pretty cool for you. If you have merch (which you should) throw a T-shirt or two out into the audience between songs! They will act like you threw a one hundred dollar bill on the ground and run for it. Same goes with at the end of your show, throw your guitar pic and hand your set list out to the crowd. Let them take a piece of the show home with them.

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