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    Lies Musicians Have To Tell

    Repost from SonicBids Blog: http://blog.sonicbids.com/8-lies-every-musician-has-told-at-least-once

    Musicians have a totally unique set of excuses and fibs at their disposal. Are you guilty of any of these tried-and-true musician lies?


    1. “My amp doesn’t get any quieter!”

    ampImage via ratcliffe.co.za

    Yeah, so maybe your weird hand-wired boutique tube amp sounds better on 10 than it does on eight. Boo hoo.


    2. “I’m on the way” or “I’m almost there”

    alarmImage via theguardian.com

    Aka, I completely forgot and am just now getting ready.


    3. “I can’t come, I’ve got a rehearsal”

    relaxingImage via express.co.uk

    When you have constant gigs and rehearsals, it’s easy to use this excuse to get out of the lame family gathering that you were invited to.

    [How to Get the Most Out of Your Band Rehearsal in 3 Hours or Less]


    4. “Oh, that band. I love them!”

    obscure_bandImage via shirtshovel.com

    You’ve definitely never heard whatever it is your buddy is talking about, but you definitely don’t want to look like a dork in front of everybody.


    5. “I’m just getting over a [random common illness], so I might not be on my A-game tonight”

    coughingImage via dailymail.co.uk

    Typically translates to: I haven’t learned the material very well so I’m going to be leaning on the rest of the band the entire rehearsal.


    6. “You guys sounded great!”

    bad_concert-1Image via memegenerator.net

    Everybody’s played a show with that one band that is full of incredibly kind people who just can’t play their instruments. Sometimes, you just gotta try to not hurt people’s feelings…


    7. “I think I can be there! I’ll let you know”

    maybeImage via leaderkick.com

    You know you aren’t going to that concert. Just say no.


    And finally, the old favorite…

    8. “Let’s jam sometime!”

    jam_sometimeImage via apogeedigital.com

    Yeah… you’re probably never going to see each other again.

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