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    Look Beyond Music Publication

    When it comes to publication and promotion sometimes it is good to think outside of the box to reach new fans. Social media will only get you so far when it comes to reaching new people. What if you could get your music to reach people that had the same interests as you? Make a list of magazines that you would normally buy and think of all of the other people that you would never be able to reach through Facebook that buy that same magazine.

    You want to be creative when it comes to publication. Think about different lifestyle magazines. Do you happen to be covered in tattoos? Reach out to a tattoo magazine with a great photo of your band performing live that showcases all of your ink. You just might grab their attention. A lot of the time magazines like sections open for “undiscovered or new” talent. Are you a healthy eater? Try submitting all of your healthy eating tips when you’re on the road to a health magazine. Try thinking about all of the ways that you keep yourself healthy during the winter season to prevent yourself from getting sick and cancelling a gig. Magazines are always looking for new angles to keep their readers interested. Do you have a favorite beverage? Reach out to that company. You might be lucky enough to get sponsored by them.

    We all know that blogs are the new craze, but you would be surprised at how many people still pick up the actual paper and have it delivered to them. Think out side of the internet. If you can get a good hard copy article written about you, it will be delivered to a more local crowd, which could get more people to your shows. Plus, they don’t have to use the internet to search for you. They will just be flipping through the pages and BAM, there is an article on your band!

    Although the internet and social media is great, the more publication you can get in different areas, the better you are when it comes to making new fans!

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