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    Make A Professional Impression When Sending Your Demo

    Sending a demo is like making a first impression. You want to be as professional as possible because this could be your one and only shot getting your music across. So how do you actually make a professional impression when you send in your demo? We have a few pointers that should be able to help you out!

    Very important, you need to establish credit of the music. Make sure that whoever is getting a copy of this demo knows who wrote the songs and the copyrights to these songs. Make sure you list everyone that is involved, including the musicians that play on the tracks.

    You want to build yourself up. Remember, you are trying to sell this music to someone. Put anything and everything that equates to your success as a musician. If you’ve had previous syncing deals or your music has been used elsewhere, remember to include that. It’s like your resume. You want them to know everything that you have done in the past to get you to where you are today. The more credibility you have, the better it will look for you.

    While you’re selling yourself, remember, they don’t have time to read a book, so keep it short and sweet. Make bullet points of all of your career moves.

    When sending in your demo make sure you put down all of your contact information. The more ways they can contact you the better. Make sure you put a brief bio about yourself, your music and include who your inspirations are. Make sure you include a copy of any previous contracts you have signed and your copyright information. They will want to know that you truly do own this music. Make sure you list any work that is related to what you are trying to submit for. This again will show that you have credibility and that your music was good enough to be used in something else.


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