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    It’s Time To Make Music Your Career

    As a musician, you plan on making it in the music industry as your full time career.  (At least we would like to think so.) There is a way to make music your career without compromising your integrity.

    Marketing your music career starts with a clear vision. This is where you decide where you would like your music career to take you. Where do you see yourself in a year from now? In five years from now? In 10 years from now? You can’t take a road trip without a map. This is the time for you to put down in writing what you are passionate about and how you plan on getting there. Know what is guiding your music career. Is it money, the fame or that everyone will hear your music and you’ll make a difference?  What is driving you?!

    You have to be able to understand the difference between an opportunity and a need. You want to examine external needs and opportunities that are going to match your strengths, weaknesses and the potential risk that it may cause if you do this.

    You don’t want to find your path by chance. Sure, being a pioneer in the music industry would make you a legend, but just to break into the main stream, you don’t need to stumble upon anything. Use what the musicians who came before you did and put it to your advantage. Once you build a name for yourself, then start paving roads.

    You have to learn to be flexible. Yes, you have your vision but you need to learn how to adjust it. You can be so blinded by your vision that you miss out on an opportunity that could take you a back road to where you want to be. We aren’t telling you to stray off the beaten path, but if you see something that could work for you after you weigh out your options, don’t be afraid to go for it! Everything is a stepping stone.

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