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    Make Sure Your Second Album Doesn’t Flop

    After you release your first CD, you need to already be thinking about what your second album is going to express. It can be very hard to keep up with expectations of your first album and many people fall into the second album slump.

    You don’t need to copy exactly what you did on your first CD to have a successful second CD. You’re fans are actually waiting to hear how your music grows over time. Your music is a reflection of who you are in each and every moment. As a person you will grow and so will your music.
    Don’t be afraid to try something a little bit different. If that is who are now are or who you are becoming, your true fans will appreciate that and will continue to follow you.

    Take plenty of time to plan ahead so that your ideas come naturally to you and your songs don’t sound like you forced them out just to get a second album out to your fans. Odds are, you already started working on some songs in the time it took to record, produce and release your first album.

    You want to keep yourself creative and inspired. Go hangout at the places that used to catch your attention. Listen to the music that inspires you. Hire a producer if you have to. Try collaborating with different artists to get a new feel for your music. It will also help grow your fan base if you work with another artist.

    You are always going to be expected to put out an album that is equally as good or better than the album before. It is ok to take chances, just stay within the brand that you are trying to build with your band if you want to be successful. Don’t release a rock album as your debut and switch over to house techno for your second. You will have to rebuild you’re entire fan base because usually the two don’t go together.

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