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    Maximize Your SoundCloud Exposure

    SoundCloud is growing very popular in the music industry. Like every distribution and live streaming site, there are ways that you can amplify your success using them. Once you create a profile and upload your music, there are a few things that you want to make sure you have up to par.

    You want to create a really good band description. Try to stay away from, “Our band is an alternative rock band that is awesome.”  Instead try something like, “Haunting melodies with guitar solos that will grab you by the hand in the first note.” Describe your music as if it is almost a movie. You want to be more create to really pull new potential fans into listening to your music.

    Picking a photo for your profile is very important. You don’t want to use a selfie that you took at band practice last week. You look cheap. Try to find your best picture that truly captures everything that your band is about.

    You want to link every other social media site that you have to your SoundCloud profile. This is will allow people to really see what you are up to on more of a daily basis as well as find out when new music will be released. Always remember to add your contact information on your page as well. You also want to put where people can actually buy your music whether it is iTunes, Amazon or another site.

    A big tip to remember, is always include your band name in the title of the song. It should look like, “Autumn City – She Said”.  The reason you need to do this is because if someone adds you into their play list, only the song title will appear. By entering your name in the title, it will constantly remind people who you are.

    Make sure you have your CD art all ready to go to upload. A picture associated with your song will make it more memorable as opposed to having just a blank space.

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