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    Music Festivals Are All The Rage

    Music festivals are becoming all the rage. Everywhere you look you see different music festivals popping up all over the place for every genre of music that you can imagine. Most festivals start out as just a one day event until the attendance becomes so large, they spread it out over a three, sometimes four day weekend. But what is making them so popular and why are more and more people attending them?

    Music festivals are actually a great bang for your buck. The average 4-day pass will cost you about $200 per person, usually including camping. That 4-day pass gives you listening access to close to 100 bands on multiple stages. It is a great way to see some of your favorite bands all in one place as well as to discover new music. Music festivals don’t just showcase music. It is almost a village set up that celebrates all kind of art. (Even some you may not understand) It is an environment trying to spread the peace, love and music. It is giving this new generation that feeling of Woodstock that they weren’t lucky enough to experience the first time.

    Another essential factor in the rising popularity of music festivals is the sense of community that such large gatherings generate. Some may even call it the land of misfits. It’s a place where you can see an entire family go to get away from the daily routines of life. People from all over the country gather in one place to share in the experience of what they love. It is truly a remarkable place to go if you haven’t been to one already.

    Walking around these events you may even bump in to your favorite artist. There is truly something for everyone and the more people are learning about them, the more people are attending. Music festivals are here and they are here to stay. We welcome these communities of spreading new and old music with open arms

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