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    MUSIC IN TELEVISION: Tugging at Your Emotions

    Picture yourself watching a horror movie. The killer is just around the corner. The poor idiot victim somehow ran into the only room with no way out. The killer enters the room, opens the closet door and you hear a scream! Now, imagine that entire scene without any dramatic music. Would it have been as scary or do the haunting notes that follow this demon keep us on the edge of our seat?

    The same consideration goes into TV commercials. Companies are not only trying to make you want their product. They are trying to tug at the core of your emotions leaving you with a much deeper need for what they are offering. The ASPCA does a great job with this. They find the most depressing pictures and soundtrack that they can find and by the end of that commercial, they are hoping you went through a box of tissues and put a lean on your mortgage to donate. Okay, even if you didn’t bawl your eyes out and donate money, you still felt something. Picture that commercial without any music. Do you think it would lose some of the effect?

    Humans by nature run by our senses. We are driven by emotion.  Why wouldn’t advertising companies use that to their advantage? Because of music’s powers, it is widely used not only in video advertising, but also in film and movies because it can convey a lot of emotions and moods without even needing too many verbal words. Scenes’ emotions can be heightened or intensified without the need for extravagant editing or effects.

    Admittedly, most video advertising uses music because of its tendency to create an emotional connection to their desired audience. Music has the power to create a certain mood, therefore evoking more emotions and connecting that particular emotion to your company or product.

    Such different uses of music in video productions are now being utilized by marketers and video advertisers. Not only does it help them carry their desired message, but it also makes sure that such advertisements carry the right messages. It would be a waste of money to spend on misunderstood advertisements. This is actually from a 2009 term, Sound Branding.

    The next time your favorite commercial or scene comes on, turn your TV on mute and see if your emotions are still tugged at the way you know them to be. Music can change the way we see the world.

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