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    Music Industry Influencers Help Build Your Career

    When it comes to building a career in the music industry, getting your name out there is vital for your success. One way to get valuable publicity is by networking. Connecting with influencers, bloggers, other musicians, and key players is a great way to get your name out and into the public sphere. Showing the world that highly regarded influencers endorse your music is one of the best ways to validate your music.

    The first step in finding influencers is to try to think like your target audience. Which websites, social media groups, or blogs will they be frequenting? Try to identify communities where your target audience is hanging out, and go there to find influencers. As people become familiar with you, they’ll be able to help you to connect with other key players in the industry. Social media is a huge help with this.

    Establishing relationships with bloggers that are involved in the music scene is an excellent way to get endorsement by an influencer. Bloggers are highly regarded in the music industry, and getting picked up by a well-established blogger is a great way to get publicity. Start small by establishing relationships with smaller, local bloggers, before building up to bigger blogs with more influence. Start out by following them and commenting on their blogs, and then offer to guest post for them. *Cough* You’re reading a blog right now.

    Connecting with established and other emerging artists alike is a great way to get publicity. Similar to networking with bloggers, it’s best to start out by connecting with artists on a local level, and working your way through regional artists, before eventually approaching national ones. Also, it’s important to make sure that the artists you connect with share a similar fan base to yours.

    The important thing to remember, is that in order to be effective, networking must be about building relationships. By establishing relationships with influencers, you can help to spread the word, expand your fan base, and get your name out there.

    [Reprinted From: http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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