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    Music: Making Your Mood And Setting The Scene

    We’ve all been there. We’re feeling good, we put on one of our favorite songs and can’t help but to start dancing. “Your” song comes on the radio while you’re driving (That’s my jam!!) and that’s it. You lose all sense of how fast you’re going and most of your surroundings. Your steering wheel has just become a drum set. Having a bad day?? We know, you’ve found your favorite sad song and allowed yourself to drift away.

    Music is a powerful thing. It not only enhances your current mood, it can also set one. It has actually been studied by scientists!! If you’re feeling blue and want to snap out of it, try turning on music that is upbeat. Yes, I know. That’s a no brainer, but it’s true. Chemical reactions actually happen in your brain when your ears hear something of a more positive vibe.

    So, knowing this magical effect that music has on our emotions it’s no mystery as to why everything we watch has background music. When you’re watching a movie, the music that we are hearing will make that scene that much more intense.  We find this to be especially true in horror and action movies. Doesn’t the music in an action movie make you feel pumped up? Horror movies aren’t even an argument. When that creepy music begins to fade in, our hearts automatically start racing, our palms get sweeter and any new noise will make us jump right out of our seat.

    Music can make us feel a sense of pride, it can make us feel like we are on top of the world. When we are heart broken, we can put an album on and somehow listening to certain songs make us feel some sort of comfort. No, we don’t feel like getting into the science behind all of this. Next time be aware of your surrounds when a song comes into play and think of how you feel.

    [Reprinted From:http://diymusician.cdbaby.com/]

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