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    Music Promotion Tips For December

    Tis the holiday season, so there are many opportunities to really reach out and get your music out there in different ways. We have a few tips to get great music promotion during the month of December.

    Find a way to take your fans mind’s off of the every day “holiday spirit.” Write a new song if you can or do a killer job covering a holiday song for your fans.

    Take advantage of the giving spirit and make some of her merch sale items. Offer Buy a CD get a shirt free or Buy one get one half off.  Who wouldn’t want your stuff under their tree?! Maybe even offer special holiday items, such as an ornament or little stocking stuffers. It might be enough to bring people to look at your entire show and they could end up buying more things from you.

    Keep your news letter short and sweet. People are really busy this time of the year and they might not have the time to sit there and read everything you write. Keep headlines and main points of things to talk about.

    For last-minute shows, the most effective use of your time, above all else, is to focus on your true supporters who are most willing to come out, and reach out personally to those high-prospect attendees

    The holiday spirit is all about giving, so throw your band into a benefit show to get your name out there.

    When we get submissions that are sent with a direct appeal to us individually to be featured on our individual radio platform, it communicates something different. These are the kinds of artists who find themselves getting more features more frequently from more stations over time.

    So take advantage of the holiday season to really get yourself out there!



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