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    Rock Your Next Audtion

    Auditioning for anything can be nerve racking. It is just you and your music standing in front of a room full of people waiting to judge you. That is enough to make anyone want to run off the stage screaming. We took the time to break down how to have a successful audition and to nail it from the second you walk out.

    Auditions will always be a big part of a musician’s career. You are constantly doing it whether you feel like you are or not. Even if you hand a CD to a club promoter, you are still auditioning your music to get your band the chance to play at their club.

    First impressions are everything.  You want to have a strong introduction. You need to present yourself and your talent. Most people lack the skills to make this important connection. Your audition doesn’t start when you open your mouth to sing or you hit the first note of the guitar. Your audition starts the second you enter the room. Body language is very important. It will be the first thing anyone notices about you. So make sure you stand with confidence and respect.

    Before it is time, make sure to properly introduce yourself. It’s ok to shake hands and thank these people for their time before you even begin to play.

    You need to be comfortable selling yourself. Remember, after all, your music is a product and your band is a business. We know it’s not always fun to think of it that way, but it’s the truth of the matter. The rule of thumb is that you need to be able to pitch who you are and what you are about in the time it would take you to ride an elevator. You need to be able to meet the standards of the actual audition you are on while incorporating past experience and what brought you here today. Remember, they don’t care that you were in a band when you were five and played in your mom’s basement. Instead tell them that music has been a passion from an early age and you have been working very hard at it by doing X, Y and Z. (give big accomplishments in your career to prove your work). Don’t bore them with the details. You want it to be short and sweet. You want them to remember who you are before your talent blows them away.

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