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    Other Video Streaming Websites You Should Use


    We all know that YouTube is the powerhouse when it comes to uploading your videos for the world to see. Some people actually become YouTube sensations over night. Other people are picked up by record labels from the YouTube videos. It is something we as musicians all use often enough. Did you know that there are actually a handful of other video streaming websites that you band should consider using? We will give you a little breakdown on a few of those so you can get your music out there even more!

    Blip.tv : For only being a few years old, Blip.Tv gets millions of viewers coming through their website. This is more exposure for you and your band. It gets a lot of monthly traffic which means, more eyes on your videos! It was recently bought out by Disney, so they aren’t so much about playing random videos anymore. However, if you have a good idea for a show, this would be the site to try now.

    Daily Motion: This site gets 100 million views per month and has NO problem playing uncensored, artsy videos. So you can feel free to let your inner artist truly run free when posting on this site. The only downside, is just like YouTube, it has so many videos on it, that you might not be the first video to come up. It is absolutely an awesome site to launch for a second way to get your videos out there, especially if there is something you don’t want to censor.

    Vimeo: Like YouTube, you get to have your own personal channel, you can control privacy settings and it even gives you statistics on traffic to your site. You’ll know exactly how many people are looking at your page every time you open it. It’s easy to use. The only downside, is that you can’t upload an unlimited amount of videos as if you were on a different site. Another plus, there are no ads that will pop up on this site!


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